World Seeks Our Beauty

For he enjoys his faithful lovers. He adorns the humble with his beauty and he loves to give them the victory. (Psalms 149:4 TPT)

Photo Credit: Oliver Pacas (CC)

Do you know you’re beautiful?

As we identity ourselves as a newborn spirit, the ravages of the sin nature on our physical, mental, and emotional states gets healed. This is a holistic transformation affecting every aspect of who we are. We’ll look younger, feel stronger, and project dignity.

The beauty of our spirit will radiate so bright, the world will notice.

For that’s what the world needs and seeks. For their ways of adorning themselves is through worldly goods, surgical alterations, and personal achievements, but these ways are temporary. Over time, they can’t sustain themselves, but are caught in a perpetual cycle of looking for permanent answers.

When they encounter us, they’ll discover we are eternal. And our adornment is not anything this world can offer because it comes from the nature of God inside of us. Our true identity.

Our time is now when we walk in the authority as sons and daughters of God ushering in the Kingdom on earth. A majestic, powerful, and grace-filled realm that brings healing, true authority, and truth to the world.

The more we walk in our identity of grace and love, the more we will manifest His glory. We can’t clothe ourselves, but it comes from the transformational work of the Holy Spirit empowering our new nature. In other words, we have the new nature, but it manifests through our total dependency on the Holy Spirit to mature us.

What does maturity look like? It is earned?

No. It’s a holistic transformation into the image of Christ. When we get free of the remnants from our former nature, we manifest freedom in our lives. Yet we can’t liberate ourselves. We lay our lives down at the altar, allowing the Holy Spirit to do the work in our lives.

A surrender where I lay down my ambition, my dreams, and my fears, so I can totally rely on God. Through letting go, God can manifest his authority within us.

David and Solomon are two examples of natural kings (yet, not born again during their reign), who understood who their true King is. They knew their authority and glory didn’t come from a title, riches, or man’s approval, but only from God’s hand. When they received God’s favor, they had success.

  • He anoints his people with strength and authority, showing his great favor to all his godly lovers, even to his princely people, Israel, who are so close to his heart. (Psalms 148:14 TPT)
  • You will be adorned with beauty and grace, and wisdom’s glory will wrap itself around you, making you victorious in the race.(Proverbs 4:9 TPT)

His adornment of beauty is an image of hope. Hope that my life is valuable because of who He is in me. For the beauty and victory comes from the total reliance on the Holy Spirit to manifest my inheritance as the daughter of the King. That’s what the world needs.

How about you? What has God shown you about your beauty? Please share in Comments below. Thank you.

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