Why You Should be Excited About the Storm Coming

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Recently, I was at a church’s weekly prayer meeting in South Florida. I had only visited this church a few times, but this was the first time I attended the prayer meeting. Toward the end of the meeting, I felt as though God was saying, “A storm is coming.” I felt this was for the church and the area. As I asked God what this meant, I saw structures getting split in half and people showing up to fix them. The storm wasn’t a physical storm necessarily, but a spiritual one. And the structures splitting were societal structures such as government, education, and business. (I predominately considered government systems, but sensed it was for every level of society.) Those fixing the structures were believers in this church.

I wanted to share this vision but didn’t want to be out of order. These people didn’t know me. So, I told God that if this was something he wanted me to share, then prompt the leader to ask me if I have anything. I thought that if I didn’t hear him, then this was a safety net.

Suddenly, the leader asked me if I had something to share. Alright, I did hear God. As I was sharing how these believers would be able to come into the broken structures to fix them, God showed me more.

The more was that God would be, if he hadn’t already, sharing ideas and wisdom to problems in preparation for the future. It was important they write down what God shows them even if these ideas didn’t seem necessary or make sense for the present time.

After I shared, I felt excited for these believers in this church (and believers in this area). I love Southern Florida and desire to see lasting, godly transformation.

As I drove home from the meeting, I realized this wasn’t just for this group, but for the Body of Christ. And for me. For our world needs God’s life to touch every realm of society. See, when this storm comes, what had worked, will no longer work. The world’s systems can’t sustain the storm of change, but require life-giving solutions. It needs innovative ideas, inventions, and systems never implemented– and even imagined– before.

That’s why I’m so excited about these days. The world needs us. It needs God’s touch to breath life into structures and redeem them from death. And we are God’s agents to bring what was dead to life.

How about you? What has God showed you about being an answer in these times? Please share in Comments below.






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