Why We Are the Offensive

From the moment John stepped onto the scene until now, the Kingdom of Heaven is entered into by force, and passionate people have taken hold of its power. (Matthew 11:12 TPT)

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When Jesus came into the earth as a human, he made a clear demarcation between the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of this world. So, people had to make a choice: Who will you serve? God or this world.

Religion could no longer hide behind its false mask once he ripped it off and exposed its inability to transform people’s hearts.

Governments were proven as temporary establishments that couldn’t control the hearts of transformed men and women. During intense government persecution, the church grew and spread to different nations.

Families were split: Jewish believers were disowned by their own family and community when they announced their faith in Jesus, but many stood steadfast, realizing they now belonged to the family of God.

Today, Jesus is drawing the same line in people’s hearts, but he’s manifesting through us. So we, as believers, are offering this choice to the world today: serve God or this world.

For we are living epistles known and read by all men* — and this is becoming more distinct as the message is spreading away from church buildings and into the streets. It’s no longer safe for nonbelievers to just live their own life, avoid church, and stay far away from Christians. Because God is going to them.

Just like 2000 years ago when God came to us through Jesus, today, he’s coming to the world through us, his children. We, as believers, are the light shining in the darkness. We are the ones drawing the distinct lines between the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of this world.

Through us, they should see the manifestation of a more powerful kingdom. This should bring them face to face with the choice Jesus poised 2000 years ago: Who will you serve?

Because the question becomes real when we rip off the mask of the world’s religious system that attempts to change people in vain, abides by a moral code, and adheres to a pristine image.

And we demonstrate the Kingdom of God through Jesus. A kingdom of family, community, and true power. More real and eternal than this one on earth. A kingdom where we surrender from living our lives through our own failed strength to a childlike dependence on a powerful and loving God.

When they choice to serve this Kingdom over the world’s, they will inherit eternal life, sonship, and authority. They can now rest from their own striving to be good enough as they take on Christ’s yoke that’s easy and his burden is light.

So, that’s the true gift of Christmas that lasts throughout the year. So, for us believers lets go on the offensive by spreading the love and message of Christ everyday, everywhere we go! For we are exposing the world to the Kingdom of God.

How about you? What gift do you offer the world you live? Please share in Comments below. 

* Read 2 Corinthians 3:2-6

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