Why the journey as important as your destination


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Why is the journey as important as your destination? Because everything we do is about discovering God’s heart. And God’s heart is infinite, so you’re always learning. Can’t exhaust or reach the end.

So, you might as well put on your backpack and enjoy the journey.

I’m preaching to me. I’ve found myself experiencing peeks and valleys in one week. I’m riding high one day, then feeling low the next. What’s my problem?

Well God graciously revealed the issue to me. I’m expecting to experience a certain outcome. I believe, “Once I obtain this, I’ll be satisfied.” Problem is… I still won’t even if I think I will.

So, he’s exposing how much I place my happiness on temporary things. It’s subtle… because the world projects what our lives should look like, what we should look like, and how we should act. When our lives don’t align with this false god, it’s a major temptation to feel dissatisfied, not enough, or a failure.

Instead, he wants me to go to him daily for my bread. Instead of seeking a certain outcome or seeing a certain breakthrough to fulfill my life, I need to be fulfilled in his daily love. Depend on it. Desire it. Eat it.

Because nothing will satisfy me like his love. And only he can define me. That’s what I’m discovering in my journey. My value is only in him.

And process is important because it’s not an overnight work. No– poof! Now you know everything about God. It’s a daily discovery. For he’s infinite — we have (and need) eternity to discover who we are in him.

This morning I prayed, “God, let me discover how to have adventures in you.” I prayed that because I want to learn his adventurous heart. A heart without fear. Constantly taking risks. Living on the edge.

His greatest risk was us. He invested in humanity fully knowing he could be rejected. The first beings he created did just that. Yet, he didn’t give up. He invested his unconditional love (going all in) to rescue humanity from sin and death. This expression of love was manifested in Jesus.

He had his son enter the world fully human, lying down his divinity. Then had him become sin for us. He suffered beyond what any human could ever suffer. Then he resurrected for us. Yet God had no 100% guarantee that we’d still accept this gift of life!

So he’s a risk-taker. But am I? I want to be because that’s who I really am. He lives life to the full without holding back love, even at the risk of being rejected.

But we learn all this wonderful truth and receive revelation of who he is and who we are when we risk it all to not just go on the journey with him, but embrace it as our adventure. So, it’s as fun as the destination!

What have you discovered in process? Please share in Comments below. Thank you.

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