Why Beauty Comes from Adversity- Part I

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Last week, I interviewed an iron work artist. He works with steel and wood to transform them into artistic and functional pieces. He makes a variety of furniture and decor such as office desks, nested tables, end tables, advent wreaths and candelabras.

His art is customized, unique, and exceptional. Seeing his workshop and listening to him explain the process, I could see the precision, craftsmanship, and dedication his art requires.

He uses both a gas and coal forging oven that heats to (perhaps above) 2000 degrees. When the steel is heated to a certain temperature, he can manipulate it. Using a hammer and other tools with the material on an anvil, he bangs it into the artistic shape he envisions.

I saw his intricate roses, whimsical cattails on a fireplace screen, and detailed grapes and grapevines on table legs. Beautiful art from raw steel.

The process of transformation is adverse, but creates a beautiful masterpiece.

Perhaps you feel like a piece of raw material in this season. As if life is forging you in high temperatures and constantly hammering you at every point. How much more can I take? you ask.

During a difficult season, I felt like a piece of steel– dark, hard, and raw. I couldn’t see beauty, joy, or function in my life. Some people were hammering me so I would reflect what they wanted me to be. Circumstances were high pressured and adverse, I feared I’d incinerate at any time.

I felt alone and misunderstood. Since I didn’t have clarity about my identity, I gave others permission to define me. Believing their image, I couldn’t receive from those who had a clearer, godly vision.

But God. He revealed that although I felt isolated and forgotten, he was– and always will be– with me. He’s working in me for my good, even though it was nearly impossible to envision.

The process of healing, restoration, and redemption was miraculous and beautiful. Poignant at times, but a work of art.

He adorns the humble with his beauty, and he loves to give them the victory. (Psalms 149:4 TPT)

When you humble yourself, you allow him to forge his image in you. You yield to his transformation process. (He doesn’t create the adversity because only good things come from him. But he uses and redeems it.) So, what looked like raw material, he shapes into art. Beauty that reflects the Master.

While I cherish what he’s done in me, what I find priceless from enduring these adverse seasons is my intimacy with God. Every time I endure a trial, I learn another aspect of his nature. His wisdom, his understanding, his enduring love.

How about you? What have you discovered about yourself and God from being forged? Please share in Comments below. Thank you.



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