We Need All of Him

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While staying at a Disney resort, I locked myself out of the room. Disney is efficient. They give you a wristband that serves as your key to everything — from your room, to various buildings, to the parks, and to purchase merchandise. Well, I left the room without it — unknowingly that is.

I was heading to the gym, but you can’t get in the building without the wristband. So, I worked out on the stairs. Since it was early in the morning, my sister and her son were sleeping. I didn’t want to wake her up to get in.

So, I sat outside, enjoying the fresh air and nature’s beauty as the sun slowly rose. I stared at the trees, amazed by God’s genius. Every part of the tree serves a purpose from the tree roots, the trunk, the branches, and the leaves. The trees are sturdy, secure, and satisfying to nature.

That’s God. He nourishes, satisfies, and protects.

Yet, how many times have we listened to seducing lies, telling us we need something else?

  • He’s taking too long. You don’t have to wait on God’s plan, do it your way.
  • People will respect and revere you if you’re successful. Take short cuts, it’s worth it.
  • He cares about others more than you. You’ll have to get this done yourself!
Despite how tempting and alluring these voices sound, they can’t be trusted!

What I’m discovering is life is about a greater love story. God’s not just wanting our obedience like an employer to an employee where it’s all business. He’s a lover, madly in love with us. And he wants us intoxicated with his love, where we are consumed by him. A union where his thoughts and desires are ours. So when we want something outside of this union, we will be discontent. 

Lately, I’ve had dreams that illustrate I need him. I’ve wanted people and worldly enticements to fulfill me, but God reminds me that he’s the only one who can sustain, nourish, and satisfy me. Yes, I’m needy. That longing for love and acceptance is natural — he created it. Thus, he wants me needy, but not on others or worldly treasures. Only on him.

But I’ve thought I could have his love intermixed with other temporary sources–that’s short changing me. I won’t receive the full extent of his multi-faceted love. He has more to give, but sometimes I only want a small portion.

Yet, that’s the problem. I need all of him. Then those other sources won’t be a temptation because I’ll know they can’t sustain me. Then my other relationships will be satisfying because they aren’t my source, but a recipient of my love union with God.

Yeah, this sounds so clear and easy… but let me warn you — it’s anything but easy. It’s dangerous because you clear out temporary crutches that seem so alluring. The flesh that had depended on the crutch will want to mutiny. This leads to war.

But like the tree, God is there to keep you steady even through the battle. Just stay connected, receiving his sustaining and powerful love and you’ll be safe.

How about you? What have you learned about his love? 
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