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It takes a village to raise a child. Throughout my journey, certain people — some have guest posted here– and ministries have impacted my life in different ways. And I’m discovering that we are truly members of a Body of Christ, where we need each other to mature.

I’m a staunch believer of investing and plugging into the local community. I’m attending Believers Church in Tulsa and nearing my two-year anniversary in this community. I’m in awe of what God’s done in my life since I’ve joined Believers — the changes are breathtaking!

(For those readers here who attend Believers, thank you for helping me see who I really am. I’ve received gems of wisdom and knowledge from many of you and am eternally grateful.)

Since we’re in a Body that extends beyond the local church, I’ve plugged into other ministries outside of Tulsa. My greatest influence is Bethel Church in Redding, CA.

Over 5-1/2 years ago, the Lord led me to subscribe to their streaming service, Bethel TV. This one subscription has changed my life! Getting immersed into Bethel, I felt as though I became a citizen of another country. Bethel models church so differently than what I had seen before that I had a paradigm shift about what church is. We don’t just keep culture inside the four walls, but called to affect it beyond.

And Bethel hosts a treasure trove of ministries within their church along with supporting other worldwide ministries. This exposure broadened my understanding of God, especially what he’s doing all over the world!

Since much of what I share is influenced by these ministries, I’m providing links to their websites:

  • Relational and leadership focus:

Danny Silk: Focus is you, especially developing the powerful person God intended you to be. He provides great resources for parenting, marriages, and leadership.

Nothing Hidden Ministries: The Byrnes share all things relational! They provide seminars and online teachings in three areas: Single Life Workshops, Love After Marriage, and Spirit Connection (inner healing for personal, spiritual, and relational freedom).

  • The Brain. 

Dr. Caroline Leaf: A neurologist. She shares scientific knowledge about our brain. One area I learned was understanding how toxic and affirming thoughts affect my brain.

  • Prophetic insight 

Shawn Bolz: Recently featured in Charisma, Shawn provides life-changing resources on hearing God and walking in the prophetic. He presents great spiritual insights in a practical, relatable manner.

Lance Wallnau: Brillant, prophetic thinker and often known as the “7 mountains” guy. He’s delving deeper into the civic mountain, sharing insight on the political temperature of our country, while digging into the Word as well. (I actually met him briefly in my former pastor’s office.)


Kris Vallotton: He’s a Senior Associate leader at Bethel and co-founder of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. His mission: Equipping people to successfully fulfill their divine purpose. He tackles issues as such: emotional health, spiritual warfare, and the prophetic.

Graham Cooke: His mission statement: Empower the people of God to walk in their true identity. I’ve followed him for years, and he’s been a significant resource in my walk.

  • Financial Healing and Knowledge:

Stephen De Silva Ministries: A certified public accountant (and husband to SOZO co-founder Dawna De Silva), Stephen offers a spirit-led perspective on finances. Through his Prosperous Home series, he helps people get free from the bondages of poverty and mammon rooted in the orphan spirit and walk in freedom as a financial steward.

  • Sexuality and Purity, especially helpful for teens and young adults

Moral Revolution: They describe their ministry as: “A company of radicals helping to define healthy sexuality. We promote a culture of love, honor, respect, and freedom by providing resources that equip and empower society to live in wholeness.” Tremendous FAQ page on their site, providing answers to popular, but often controversial questions from a licensed sex therapist, a MD physician, and the Moral Revolution team.


WP Films: Witness supernatural adventures as they happen! Darren Wilson and his crew travel the world with renowned ministers like Todd White, Jamie Galloway, and Robbie Dawkins as God demonstrates his love and power to the world. These films also provide interviews with prominent ministers like Bill Johnson, Reinhard Bonnke, and Mike Bickle (and many others).

Heart of Man: Both a documentary and movie, this film explores the topic of identity especially highlighting how the lack of godly identity manifests in sexual dysfunction. The movie portrays the prodigal son and his father, showing the depths of the Father’s redeeming love. Intertwines with real-life, “rescue” stories of individuals affected by sexual abuse and pain. Great resource for those struggling with sexual bondage and other addictions.

Biblical Archaeology: (Only resource not linked to Bethel in some way-lol). Want to immerse yourself in the ancient world of the Bible? This resources provides an extensive library about biblical archaeology that transport you to Israel and the surrounding countries. Topics: What the Dead Sea Scrolls say about Jesus. Life in the Ancient World. Exploring the History of Jesus’s Life.

So while I don’t expect you to check out every resource listed, hopefully one will capture your heart.

How about you? What resource has helped you in your journey? Please share in Comments below. Thank you!

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