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For November, we’re launching a series about Identity. This series is intended to dive into the ocean depths, so I recommend setting time aside to not just read the post but converse with God.

My prayer is that you’ll allow God to peel off layers of lies, idols, and veneers that cover up our glorious beauty within!

While this topic is intense, it’s not about perfection or performance. It’s about process and humility.

Process because we’re growing and learning.

Humility because I’m asking you to be vulnerable with yourself and with those you trust. A hallmark of humility is a willingness to be transparent and not putting up a front.

And an openness to learn. You’re probably more educated and experienced in this topic than I am, but the Holy Spirit is our teacher and we always have more to learn in his classroom.

And I want to learn as well. So, feel free to share your wisdom with us (either in comments or in an email).

To kick this off, I’ve attached a survey I’ve written. It’s just three questions with multiple choice answers and anonymous. While I can see the answers, I won’t know who responded. So, with the protection of anonymity, please answer each question honestly. Thank you.

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