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Now, therefore, you are no longer strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God. (Ephesians 2:19 NKJV)

The ultimate love story: A loving Father walks with his children, teaching and talking to them. Their world is a paradise where love, grace, and truth abound. They share an intimacy and openness. One day, a charismatic, former servant of the Father visits the children. He acts friendly and kind, then entices them with access to unlimited power and knowledge beyond what their Father has provided. The children rebel against their Father and side with a charismatic servant.

Suddenly, their pure, life-filled nature is gone, replaced by a rebellious, powerless nature. Their minds are now corrupted with thoughts of fear, shame, and hate that they had never experienced before. These are all side effects of their death nature they have just received. The servant tricked them, for they didn’t receive unlimited power or knowledge, but the exact opposite. They are now powerless, oppressed, and confused.

It’s not too long before they realize that this new master is insane, ruthless, and oppressive. They try to escape his rule, but they have an invisible chain around their bodies that prevents them from leaving his control. They are now his slaves, and worse, their children will be born with this same powerless, rebellious nature, unable to overthrow this master. Generation after generation will be born into this fate.

Then one day, the Father comes to this oppressive kingdom. He is born into this kingdom with the same physical body as the other humans, but with the nature of the Father. He tells the oppressed children that He has come to set them free from this regime and reunite them back to the Father’s family. Although many believe Him, many can’t comprehend that He could be from the Father since he was born in the oppressive kingdom. Some even want to kill Him because He speaks contrary to their master.

Even among those who believe Him, they think this Prince will overthrow the oppressive master and reign physically in this kingdom. No, the Prince tells them that He has something more effective and eternal. He will sacrifice Himself by actually becoming the sin they are oppressed by. Although this sin will kill him, in three days, the life of the Father coursing through Him, will resurrect Him from the dead. Then, all who believe in the Prince will now become born into the Father’s family, receiving His nature. A pure and perfect nature that is able to penetrate the invisible barrier, leave the oppressive regime, and return to the Father’s kingdom.

What’s a better love story than that? 

That’s why I love Easter service. The message of redemption is shared throughout the world, and people who do not normally attend church come to this service. I’m grateful they do because I believe seeds are planted in their hearts and hopefully those seeds receive water and come to fruition.

Imagine if we could see into the lives of the people who only attend church on Easter every year. They really don’t think too much about God until this day (and Christmas). What would we see? While their individual stories are different, the common bond is that they are all oppressed by this death nature coursing through them, keeping them in bondage to the oppressive master.

  • A middle-aged man walks in, lonely, broken, and cynical. After leaving home at eighteen, he thought he had escaped the abuse from his father, but he realizes that he himself is in bondage to the demons of anger and rejection. He has endured a divorce and broken relationship with his teenage children. He only attends Easter service because his current girlfriend wanted to attend.
  • A young woman walks in. She’s broken from giving herself to the many lovers who couldn’t satisfy her longing for unconditional love and acceptance. She wears a flattering floral dress and smiles, but feels alone. She only attends because she’s sentimental. Growing up, her mother always took them to church on Easter– the only day of the year they attended church.
  • A couple with young children walk in. They are dressed in coordinating Easter outfits. They appear like a happy, loving family, yet they are struggling in their marriage. The wife is weary of her husband’s workaholic tendencies while the husband is tired of hearing her nag about him not eating dinner as a family. They don’t go on dates anymore and are drifting apart. They attend Easter service to provide a good front for their kids.

The Father knows everyone’s story. If this is the only service some people will attend, then He will use this service to woo them back into His family. Hopefully, they attend a church where they hear the love story, and know that their original Father loves them unconditionally, and can heal their pain.

For only the Father can answer the cry of their hearts to be loved and have significance. For that’s how He made us — we need him as our Father and he wants us as his children. That’s why Jesus, the Prince, died and resurrected–to reunite us back into God’s family.

On this Easter, I’ve challenged myself to be sensitive to God’s wooing, and reach out to new people who are attending Easter service for the first time. I want to extend the Father’s love to them, welcoming them to the service, unmoved if they don’t return again. At least, I can plant a seed for someone else to water or perhaps serve as the one watering.

What does Easter mean to you? Please share in Comments below. Thank you.

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