Love is a Weapon

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What has more destructive power than a nuclear bomb?

What can eradicate disease in a single touch?

What can eliminate depression?

God’s love.

His love is so expansive that nothing can hide from its force.

Like a team of Navy Seals going into a terrorist cell and slaying all the ISIS fighters in one campaign.

The more I get intimate with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, the more I understand what his love is really like.

It’s not a feeling although you can feel it. It’s not an abstract concept, although its unseen.

It’s a force. Alive, activating, and alert.

It’s not idle, weak, or “soft” on evil.

I used to think of his love more like a blanket covering me where I feel warm and cozy. I enjoy basking in his love, like a baby in her mother’s embrace.

Yet, I didn’t embrace it as a weapon, wielding it to the strongholds in my life. I thought for a long time that destroying strongholds only came through my effort of applying spiritual disciplines. (I’m cringing at this thought.) If I prayed and fasted long enough, I’d have the power to break through.

Sorry. Prayer and fasting opens my soul (and weakens the power of the flesh) to receive the transforming power of God’s love. He does the transforming work. I can’t no matter how hard I try. Trust me, I was deliberate for twenty years to eradicate certain strongholds in my life.

The outcome of my effort? Circling the same mountain year after year.

But no more. Over the past few years, I’ve discovered that I can’t change me. Since I’ve realized this and allowed God’s love to do the work, transformation has occurred.

Last week, as I was driving home, I was talking to God about an issue that seemed too difficult to overcome. I’ve wrestled with this stronghold for most of my life without major breakthrough. I’ve made small strides, but the presence of this stronghold still had a deep root in my mind. I said out loud, “This is just hard!” Then the Holy Spirit illuminated my mind with truth. “It’s not hard. That’s the lie.”

I yelled, “It’s not hard!” The heavy burden was lifted and I felt lighter. In an instant, I understood that overcoming this stronghold is not hard. I am already freeFor God’s love casts all fear!

About four days later, I encountered an opportunity that would’ve stirred up this stronghold. Instead of having fear and harassing thoughts, I felt comfortable and peaceful. What a joy to experience!

God’s love destroyed the false narrative that I was a victim to this stronghold. All the fear, rejection, and hopelessness associated with this stronghold was crushed under the weight of love.

So, I challenge you sometime today or this week to ask God, “What area in my life needs the power of love?” Then wait as he answers your question and activates his plan of redemption. I promise that this will be a life-changing interaction and activation that will reap profits for you and your loved ones.

How about you? What is your testimony of God’s love working in your life? Please share in Comments below. Thank you.

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