Living in Freedom from the Future and Past

You’ve gone into my future to prepare the way,

And in kindness you follow behind me,

To spare me from the harm of my past.

 (Psalms 139:5a TPT*)

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What do you have to fear?

Your future? No, because God’s already gone there to prepare the way.

If we look back at our lives, we often can discern mile markers where God intervened. The decisions God lead us to make that dramatically altered our course. Do you remember how things fell in line as if already prepared in advance, once we changed lanes or went on a different highway?

For me, once I decided not to pursue law, an alternative path opened up that I hadn’t considered before. My english teacher admonished me that I could write. A close friend served as my cheerleader, telling me that I had a gift to write. It was as though I were driving on a country road then detoured onto a four-lane highway. I kept receiving confirmation that I was traveling in the right direction. Once I dedicated myself to serve as a freelance writer, jobs came my way in a manner that I couldn’t have discovered them on my own.

Perhaps ending a relationship cleared your future, so God could bring the right relationship into your life. A relationship that forever sets your course and alters your destination for the better.

The world tries to convince us that things happen by chance, but don’t be fooled. God interacts and intervenes anytime he can. He goes ahead to our future, creating the highway we will one day travel on.

And in kindness you follow behind me, To spare me from the harm of my past.

With your hand of love upon my life,

You impart a Father’s blessing to me. (Verse 5b)

He’s not limited by time so He visits our past. In other words, he wipes away any pain from past events. Once we receive this revelation of this work, we can manifest the freedom in our present. I had shared in a past post how God revealed that in hurtful events in my life, Jesus was there to protect me. At that present moment, I was released from the rejection of my past.

Instead of people accusing God of neglect and allowing evil to occur, they need to praise him for delivering them from permanent damage. Think of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego–Jesus was the fourth one in the fire, keeping them safe. He does the same for us today.

So, no matter what abuse, rejection, and grief you’ve been through, you don’t have to continue carrying the pain. He already delivered you from the affects. If you’re not aware of this but are still living in bondage to the past, then ask the Father to show you how Jesus was there with you, keeping you safe. Why keep living in bondage when you’ve been set free?

God, who created the universe, is so intimately connected with you that he cares about every moment of your life. He personally injected his grace into your past and future, so you can live free in the present. Nothing has to hold you back from walking in the fullness of his joy and love.

How about you? What has this revelation of his intervening in our future and our past taught you? Please share in Comments below. Thank you.

*TPT= The Passion Translation by Dr. Brian Simmons

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