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What are you willing to sacrifice to see a dream come to pass?

  • Your hang ups and habits?
  • Your comfort zone?
  • Your securities in other things instead of on God?

Have you ever considered that it’s the Holy Spirit prompting you to let go of your habits, securities, and personal sandbox to live in the Palace?

Hum…what do you mean by the sandbox? It’s mentality where we are thinking like self-loathing, lowly servants in the Kingdom instead of as a Prince or Princess of the King.

We don’t dare enter the palace for different reasons.

  1. The armored guards intimidate us
  2. We don’t feel worthy
  3. We didn’t get a formal invitation

Which one fits you?

I fit in category 3. Most of the time, I’m waiting on God to extend an invitation. If you want me to witness to the stranger, then have him or her approach me. If you want me to take a risk, give me five confirmations. Then I’ll step out in faith. (What? Does that even make sense?)

Recently he told me, “You think you’re waiting on me, but I’m waiting on you.”  Ouch!

How about you?

Are you a business man or woman waiting on the next big deal? Perhaps God’s already laid out a plan for your next entrepreneurial venture, but it seems too daunting and out of your league. So, you’re dragging your feet about contacting potential investors or purchasing the building, or hiring a consultant.

Perhaps you’re sensing a desire to reconnect with a long lost friend or family member, but you’re afraid to take the first step out of fear of rejection.

What if you’re sensing a desire to enter ministry in some capacity? But the moment you watch others ministering, you’re intimidated. You aren’t as charismatic. Or a great teacher of the Word. Or operate in healing power. You haven’t had much experience speaking in public.

But what is God saying?

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” (Joshua 1:9 NKJV)

God has been showing me that he goes into my future and clears the way. So, when I arrive in that “future” in the present, I can conquer the Promised Land — it’s ready. Just like Joshua and the Israelites, God led them to the Promised Land full of giants and established nations — not for them to be servants, but conquerers. And he’s their leader. Whenever they turned to and trusted God, they triumphed. Whenever they doubted and disobeyed, they were defeated.

So how about you? Are you willing to walk in the inheritance in the Kingdom? See the Promises in your life come to pass? Sacrifice the sandbox for the Palace?

The only way you’ll fail is to not try or to quit along the way.

So, I encourage you that as you go into 2017, be intentional about conquering the promises God’s given you. Grab a hold of his grace and take that first step of faith. Then another and another until your promise– that’s he’s already provided– manifests. And for the promises that are only accomplished by waiting on God, ask him what you can do today to prepare for its manifestation.

How about you? What are some risks you’re willing to take? Please share in Comments below. Thank you.




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