It Takes Community For a Marriage to Work

Marriage is the beautiful design of the Almighty, a great and sacred mystery–meant to be a vivid example of Christ and his church. (Ephesians 5:32 TPT)

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This past weekend, I attended my nephew’s wedding. One of my favorite moments was when the couple exchanged vows. My nephew’s voice cracked and tears shed as he recited the vows of commitment and love to his bride.

What’s amazing about a wedding is the planning it requires for one day. It could feel frivolous; yet, I’m discovering that a wedding symbolizes the life-defining change of a marriage. It’s a dynamic that not only affects the couple, but their family and friends as well.

I hope couples realize that all the time, money, and help invested in the wedding are only a fragment of what’s required in a marriage. Hopefully, they’ll understand that while it takes a community to throw the wedding, it also takes a community to support the marriage.

No couple should launch into marriage alone! They need the support, wisdom, and help of family and friends.

My father, who married the couple, always has couples go through pre-marital counseling. He’s definitely qualified, for he and my mom have been married for over fifty-four years! Thus, they set a great example that marriage can last. And he’s a great resource for not only the couples he marries, but others he didn’t marry, for marital counseling after they say “I do.”

What would happen if every couple openly shared their struggles and issues with a community? A community composed of couples successfully working hard to navigate the windy road of marriage? A safe community where no one would judge or shame, but support and advise? One that would listen without taking sides and pray with them? Would the divorce rate drop? I think so.

Consider the unity of the Godhead: God’s not alone but unified with Jesus and the Holy Spirit. They’re one. He knows we need the different members — God as Father, Jesus as our “husband”, and the Holy Spirit as counselor, so it’s a team effort. And he joins us not only to himself, but to a Body of fellow believers married to Jesus. So, he created community and knows community is required for a marriage to succeed.

Whether you’re married or single, I encourage you to participate in community that will support your journey well.

How has community helped your marriage? If you’re single, how has it helped in your walk? Please share in Comments below. Thank you.

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