Is God Always Good?

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Is God always good?

Ask Davie Blackburn.

In 2012, he and his wife, Amanda, moved from South Carolina to plant a church in Indianapolis. They felt led by God to go on this new journey.

Three years later, on November 10, 2015, Davey came home from the gym to discover Amanda, three-months pregnant, lying on the floor bleeding. He called 911, thinking she was having complications from her pregnancy.

At the hospital, he was given horrific news: his wife was shot three times. (Later, the police discovered three robbers had invaded the Blackburn home. One robber shot her three times.) Their friends and family gathered in her hospital room–worshipping, praying, and believing for a miracle. But, she died the next day. Now, he’s a widower and single parent to their toddler son. (The son was safe upstairs in his bedroom when their home was invaded.)

Think about the questions that must’ve went through his mind?

  • Why her?
  • Why didn’t God heal her miraculously?
  • Why wasn’t I there to protect her?

He chronicles his journey on his blog at Here, he shares the breakthroughs and struggles, not holding back what he’s thinking or feeling. Reading his posts, I see that his healing is continual. He didn’t have healing overnight, but it’s on going. He may experience a great day, then a difficult one the next.

Here are some articles I recommend you read from his blog.

Run toward the Roar: How important it is to run toward the pain, instead of away from it. Satan prefers you run away from pain while God wants you to run towards it.

How Do You Deal With the Way Amanda Died, 4-part series:

God reveals to Davey, through encounters, answers to some of his questions:

  • God knows what it’s like to have his children ripped from him (when Adam and Eve sinned).
  • God knows what it’s like to watch your son suffer and die.
  • God was there with Amanda during the attack. (He reassured Davey that Amanda saw him visibly.)

But through it all, Davey hasn’t lost his faith or love for God. He doesn’t blame God nor assign evil to him. He knows God’s still walking with him. And what’s inspiring is that God gives him reminders that he’s there. A certain worship song that’s tied to Amanda suddenly comes on at a difficult time. Or he’ll read something from her journal that helps him in the moment. He continually receives sign after sign of how God is always with him through the journey.

So, no matter what you’re enduring today, trust that you’re not alone. God’s walking with you and is holding onto your hand, strengthening you, and loving on you through the difficult trial. It’s not necessarily easy, and you will feel pain, but you’ll make it. Just hold on tight to him and always keep in your heart the truth that God is good.

If you’re needing prayer or encouragement, please sarahsoon(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) or reach out to a loved one. We need each other in community.

How about you? What have you learned about God during a trial? Please share in Comments below. Thank you.

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