His Nature is Our Journey

Never doubt God’s mighty power to work in you and accomplish all this. He will achieve infinitely more than your greatest request, your most unbelievable dream, and exceed your wildest imagination! He will outdo them all, for his miraculous power constantly energizes you. (Ephesians 3:20 TPT)

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What if your life is about discovering who you really are and imprinting yourself into this world for the greater good?

What if it’s less about racking up accomplishments, accumulating wealth, and striving to become the perfected believer?

Hum… Could God want you to see him clearly more than “using you” as his tool?

What if love was enough? In other words, fear no longer kept you motivated?


You don’t expect your life to be a certain way.

  • You expect to have this position in your company or even in your church.
  • You expect to have certain relationships and expect them to love and respect you.
  • You expect your children to be perfect and grow up as successful adults.
  • You expect to be worth this amount of money by a certain time frame.

On and on your checklist goes.

I’m not saying that goals are unhealthy, but setting yourself up for a certain outcome or expectation without grounding yourself in God’s, is.


What if God has a different outcome? Or regarding your children (for those without children then substitute other family members here), what if they endure circumstances or situations out of your control? Can you trust God will still navigate them to a healthy future? In other words, can you let go of control and stop being emotional dependent on a certain outcome?

Can you stop allowing emotions to control your attitude and heart when circumstances look bleak or contrary to your expectations or checklist? Emotions are funny — they can be up one moment and down the next. When you get fired or laid off your job, your emotions will scream, “You won’t find a job now! God’s failed you! You’re going to lose everything!”

But your spirit man is strong and steady, anchored to God. You’ll sense a security and rest that’s beyond understanding. Just listen to your spirit man preach peace, trust, and grace. Lift up your hands and thank God that despite this trial or disappointment, you’re still in his care. He’s not forgotten you.

Because I know. When I despise my life, feeling stuck in a cemented circumstance, I somehow endured. Not because I’m resilient, but because of grace. I’d sense prayers when I didn’t want to get out of bed. I heard his voice when I felt like he was ignoring me. And I received encouragement when I didn’t think anyone cared.

During this time, God told me, “I’m always here.”

I needed to hear this because I had felt he left because I had failed him. That somehow I had crossed a line of disobedience so he moved onto someone more worthy and reliable. Hearing his words was like him holding me tight to his chest.

I have never been the same since.

Recently, I had experienced another night of grace. I had set myself up for certain outcome, but when it didn’t happen in the way I wanted, I felt let down. Yet, instead of accusing God of forsaking me or even “teaching me a lesson”, I kept my mouth shut. I refused to hurl accusations that my emotions were screaming at me.

He had proven himself faithful, loving, and present that I wanted to yield to truth. In that moment of yielding, I felt his presence holding me tight. I couldn’t shake it off — like he was wrapping me tight in a blanket of love and peace.

And instead of asking him what he was doing, I realized that no matter what happened, he is good. He is faithful. He is worthy of my trust. That was what anchored me. I didn’t need answers because he’s the answer.

And this is helping me through my journey. Whenever things don’t look like his exceeding greatness, I ask him to help me with managing my expectations. Help me to trust in his incredible plan. And show me who he is.

Because no matter how great my imagination can create a wild and lavish life, I can’t even tip the surface of his incredible plan for me.

Instead of fretting at the direction my life is taking, I remind myself or others remind me that God’s plan is so much more than mine. He’s on the offensive bringing to pass a life that is beyond what I could ever imagine.

So, I’m going to invest in knowing him. His goodness, His love. His grace. His infinite power. Because our life isn’t about accomplishing something amazing, but more about knowing Him. That’s when we really live.

What has God’s nature taught you to trust? Please share in Comments below. Thank you.


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