Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day! This day isn’t exclusively for couples, but for everyone! It’s a day when you can express love to God, your loved ones, and to yourself.

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“Love the Lord your God with every passion of your heart, with all the energy of your being, and with every thought that is within you.” (Matthew 22:37 TPT)

As I’ve discussed, love is a force. When it’s activated through intimate relationships, it’s able to demolish strongholds, soften a hardened part of your heart, and deliver miracles.

A way to love God is to include him in your daily conversation and not just during your quiet time. I’ve chatted with him during hectic or inconvenient times such as during cycling class (yes, we’ve talked while I’m sweating and struggling in class). He enjoys having small talk — doesn’t have to be monumental, life or death issues. We chat about cooking, finances, and even politics. I talk to him about what’s going on with others. I ask him questions. We laugh about amusing things.

God enjoys communing with us daily. Sometimes we think it’s too difficult to hear his voice unless we get somewhere quiet — a place of solace. Although those needs arise just like Jesus did when he separated himself to pray, we can hear him daily in the midst of our hectic schedule and to-do lists.

After all, if God can talk to non-believers (everyone in the Old Testament were non-believers, by the way) then how much more can he commune with you, a believer? If you think it’s hard, you’re believing a lie.

I know because I used to swallow that pill for years until God informed me that he had never left me. Even in the dark times when I felt alone and didn’t “feel” joy or the warmth of his presence. Nor was he silent. I had stopped listening. (Although I’ve heard testimonies that God was “silent” on purpose, but it was out of his love. The person came out of it stronger, more resilient, and more trusting in him.) I don’t have a formula, but what I do know: God is love and he is good. All the time. Knowing that he’s always with me, anchors my trust in him.

If you receive nothing else from this post, please get this: God is talking to you daily. If you’re not hearing him, ask him what he’s saying. Remove distractions for a moment while you ask and listen. You can hear him even while sitting at your office desk, or picking up your kids from school, or making dinner. Sometimes my best communion times are when I’m making dinner.

It’s an adventure because I never know what he’ll say. The times when I don’t understand what he’s saying, I ask for an explanation. (The error is never on his end, but mine. He’s bypassing my limited knowledge and often times, limited paradigms.) After all, he speaks my language, and he speaks yours as well.

If you don’t know what to ask him, just talk to him the way you talk to your spouse or your best friend. Tell him about your day — what amused you, or frustrated you, or delighted you. Then wait and listen. If you don’t hear anything, continue on. He will respond. Perhaps in a manner you don’t expect. But he will, because you’re his child. He already sent his son to die on the cross and resurrect to reconnect that broken relationship. A relationship where he can talk to you day to day.

Sometime today, ask him what he thinks about you. Wait for his answer. I recommend you write his response down. Then build upon this intimate time. Ask him more questions or wait until you have another opening to chat. See what he says. Keep developing this dialogue as you learn to not just hear his voice, but understand his mind toward you. That unity is love at its highest expression.

What have you learned about having daily interaction with God? Please share in Comments below. Thank you.

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