Very few of My children really trust Me or depend upon Me.

I have mountains, endless mountains of Grace stored up that I’ve never touched because I find very few who open their hearts through faith to receive My grace.  Do you really want to know what Grace is? Well, Iisten and I will give you a new and a different definition of the Grace of God.

Grace is you letting Me do what I want to in the earth through you.  It requires you being absolutely still, unmovable in your decisions to wait upon Me to bring about the desired results.

The ideas, the hopes, the dreams that are inside of you are not yours.  They originated in Me, that is, in My spirit within you.  It is not your job to bring them to pass.  It is your job to be a vessel for My Grace.  

Not one of you can make anything happen that will be solid enough to stand up under pressure.  This is the reason you experience so many ups and downs.  You are trying to stand on the flimsiness of the flesh, rather than on the solidness of the Rock.  You do fair until the storm hits but then you are right back where you started.

You need to be emptied of human effort, the cares of daily living, and all fleshly frustrations, but you see even this must be done by My Grace.  

Effort cannot eradicate effort.  Frustration cannot get rid of frustration and care cannot eliminate care.  But Grace can rid you of all hinderances, and you will find as Grace begins to flow that it will generate more Grace, and more Grace and more Grace, and more and more and more Grace, and more Grace until you become that channel for My Grace.

A never ending flow of Power, which is what Grace is, will flow through you and the result will be My desires, hopes, dreams, and ideas will be birthed through you at no cost to you, with no effort on your part, and I will be glorified upon this earth and you will have the privilege and the honor of sharing in and being a joint heir in that glory.

My Grace is available to you today.  Come unto Me all ye that labor and are heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.   

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