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Photo Credit: Alan Ajifo (CC)

Photo Credit: Alan Ajifo (CC)

I finished my twenty-one day detox last week and the results were interesting. I began this detox anticipating I would experience change. For the first two weeks of the detox, I enjoyed it and applied the active reaches daily. (Active reaches are actions revealed by the Holy Spirit that reinforces truth such as quoting a scripture or meditating on freedom.) I was even witnessing breakthrough: I wasn’t obsessing over the same thoughts anymore. I was meditating on healthy thoughts much more than I had before.

Yet, toward the last few days of the detox, my intensity and commitment were waning. I watched the videos that walked me through the program for the day, but I wasn’t taking notes about what was happening scientifically with my brain. I thought, Yeah, this is good information. Hopefully I’ll remember it, but I don’t want to take the time to write this information down. And I didn’t apply the active reaches seven times those few days.

And I also had a slight panic feeling, thinking: wait, this can’t be over. I haven’t eliminated the toxic thought yet. What am I going to do on day twenty-two? That thought didn’t last long because the Holy Spirit revealed to me this simple truth:

  •  He is the one leading me through.

But when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will show you things to come. (John 16:13 NKJV)

I recovered once I realized that this detox is about allowing the Holy Spirit to lead me into all truth–that is his job. So, this process of renewing my mind will continue even if the program is over.

And I received an unexpected gift. After I finished day twenty-one, the detox program started over with another twenty-one days. Now, I could work on a different lie. Great! So, that was what I did on day one of this second detox cycle.

Then on day two, I woke up with excuses why I didn’t want to go through the program in the morning. I thought, I will go through the detox in the afternoon, right after I finish a pressing project. Well, the afternoon and that day came and went without me going through the detox. Alright, no problem. I’ll do it tomorrow. Well, that pattern continued until I didn’t go through the detox for four days. I kept making excuses and postponing the program. Why? I wanted to sloth off and quit guarding the gateway to my brain. I adopted a go-with-the-flow mentality as if I told my brain, “Hey, let any thought enter. Why not? What’s the harm?”

So, what happened on day six? Well, that leads me to my second discovery:

  • The foundation from the detox was already laid.

After I let those toxic thoughts enter my brain, within a few days, I got weary of their destructive habits. They were bullying the healthy thoughts, trying to take over their spot in my brain.

So, I returned to the truths that I had reinforced through the active reaches, but (sigh) not until I had a sickening conversation with my sister.

During our talk, I spoke a sinister lie out loud. Yet, I didn’t recoil after I made that statement, but continued to justify it. Yeap. After she rebuked me kindly, I knew she was right. When I got off the phone, I knew I needed to cast the lie out.

So that night, I asked God to help me with eliminating the lie I had spoken. I didn’t want to entertain that ugly guest anymore. Then the next couple of days, Truth kept lovingly reminding me that I am accepted in the beloved.

My struggle came because I was looking to others to validate me, instead of realizing I am validated already in Christ. I don’t need anyone except Christ to provide significance. So I discovered that I had reinforced this truth so much in those twenty-one days that I knew it was true in my heart even when my flesh was tempted to embrace the lie.

  • God’s faithfulness and grace is exceeding, abundantly above what I could hope or imagine.

I’m not sure what type of ride I am on this year, but I already sense that it is a high-flying adventure. For this detox process is exposing that in the midst of my struggles and weaknesses, God is proving over and over how potent his grace is. He keeps bestowing undeserved gifts out of nowhere. And he is also answering my questions directly or through someone sharing the answer without my initiation. Or he is revealing a new character trait about him I didn’t know before.

So, this renewing of the mind is powerful and effective. For once I detox a lie from my mind, even if I entertain that lie temporarily, the energizing power of Truth will cast it out once I embrace Truth. That is how potent Truth is! For God is the one who changes me. I can’t change myself. All He needs is my willing heart and obedient actions, and once he has them, then he can do what I can’t.

What have you discovered about Truth? Please share in Comments below. Thank you. 

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