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“Now when it was each young woman’s turn to go before King Ahasuerus, after the end of her twelve months under the regulations for the women—for the days of their beautification were completed as follows: six months with oil of myrrh and six months with [sweet] spices and perfumes and the beauty preparations for women— then the young woman would go before the king in this way…” (Esther 2:12-13 AMP)

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What would happen if Esther became Queen on day one? In other words, no purification process or adjustment period, but taken from her house and into the throne on the first day. How do you think she’d fare being thrust in a new culture, environment, and customs?

It’s not just uprooting to a different part of town, but going from a three-bedroom house to the White house as the First Lady without any training in public relations, exposure to life as a public figure, and no experience in high profile social protocol. It might be too overwhelming and stressful especially since your mistakes are witnessed and reported to millions of people not only in the United States but around the world.

So, Esther’s twelve-month purification process was as important to her integration as the Queen of Persia as the wedding ceremony.

She wasn’t just becoming physically purified for the King, but learning royal protocol, Persian customs, cuisine, and culture, and probably the King’s preferences and dislikes.

For learning royal protocol and customs was a matter of life and death in that society. Just going before the King unsolicited could lead to death. So how many other customs had death or severe punishment attached?

What I’m learning (slowly at times) is life is a process where the journey is as important as reaching the destination. Because much growth, faith, and wisdom are imparted in the process. But I often get narrowly focused on reaching my destination in my expected time frame that I don’t consider what God’s doing in me.

Fulfill my dreams today, God! Let me reach the finish line before my peers do!

But my mistake has been assuming I don’t need to do anything or learn from the process to see dreams come to pass. God told me about a year ago, “You think you’re waiting on me, but I’m waiting on you.” Ouch! That was a slap in the face to my religious mindset of “I’m not supposed to do anything, except wait on God.”

What I refused to admit was I didn’t really want to endure the process of transformation. Too much work and too much pain. Too much work to refine areas that needed it. Too much pain to dig deep into the lies that kept me from embracing truth. It’s easier to wait and not mess with wounded areas that needed healing. Much easier than interacting with others to learn community, communication, and connection.

But as I’m embracing process, I’m actually enjoying and, at times, enduring the experience. Because with Jesus’s help, I’m tearing down walls that kept me from advancing. And I’m getting refined so I can thrive when I reach my destination. So like Esther, I want to successfully navigate when I reach the “palace.”

Yet, I still have to trust him to get me there. I’m growing in faith realizing how God brings things together when I take a step forward in obedience. How he brings the right people into my path. And how he helps me endure when it’s difficult.

For faith is interactive. It requires our participation and obedience. God doesn’t want robots that he programs to do whatever he wants. He wants royal sons and daughters who mature into relationship with him and are able to partner with him to bring his kingdom to earth. And this requires a refining, purification process. I know, even when I don’t always see the finish line, that the journey is worth it!

What have you learned about process? Please share in comments below. Thank you.


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