Don’t Quit!

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Do you have any unanswered prayers? You’ve prayed passionately for one request, yet wonder if God has heard you?

I have.

Without launching into a theological discourse, this month, I prefer to encourage you as a coach. I’ll stand on the sidelines as you play in the game, mostly yelling to not quit! You’re doing amazing! You’re making progress!

I’m already leading you to the first tip:

  1. Don’t quit believing. Ask the Cubs. In the first three years after hiring Theo Epstein as president of operations in 2011, they were last in their division. Three years of coming dead last in the race. But trusting in him, the Cubs stayed the course. In 2015, they made the playoffs and advanced to the National League Championship Series. They got swept by the Mets. The next year? They won the big one–breaking a 108-year drought.

It wasn’t just faith in a system that Theo Epstein brought that the Cubs trusted, but the man himself. For before the Cubs, he had turned the Boston Red Sox organization around, where they won the World Series after a 86-year drought. During his tenure with the Sox, he discovered lessons including what didn’t work from his system. He modified his system at the Cubs where he looked beyond statistics to recruit players with great character.

Faith isn’t faith in a system of hours you’ve prayed and fasted, or how many Scriptures you’ve read and memorized because that’s faith in yourself to believe. It’s faith in a certain person.

  • Someone who always comes through.
  • Someone who promises he’ll never change.
  • Someone who promises he will never forsake you.

Instead of reciting to God how much you’ve prayed, fasted, read the Word, and worshipped, thank him for his faithfulness in the past, present, and future. Rejoice over the many blessings he’s brought into your life.

You’ll amaze yourself as you do, realizing how much he’s provided and how many times he’s come through.

For me, many prayers have gone unanswered (at least not answered in the manner I expected). But in the past few years, I’m seeing many of them answered. What if I had gotten so discouraged, I told God that I can’t trust him with my heart? That I quit waiting on him and will do things my way? I shudder to think of the results had I quit.

For with these answered prayers, I’ve witnessed that he redeemed the time lost when I was doing things my way. Or waiting on him to answer. Or sidetracked by lies I had embraced, keeping me from truth in a certain area.

I’m understanding what it means by, he turns our mourning into dancing. (Psalms 30:11)

Realize that God is always on the offensive. He’s not forgotten you. But we have a limited perspective, so we can’t see everything that he’s doing. So, I encourage you to talk to him about your life. Ask him questions, then listen to his answers. If he seems silent, then fellowship with him while you wait. Many times, you don’t know what he’s doing in your life, so trust him.

For we are in his family. So while you wait, have fun interacting with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. They have much to reveal, treasures to give, and many gifts to impart. Actually that’s a vital part of answered prayer. Learning and gleaning from the Godhead. Growing in unity as a family. Discovering new aspects of their nature.

How about you? What have you discovered as you wait on him for answered prayers? Please share in Comments below. Thank you.

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