Want to Dance With God?

Photo Credit: Scott Webb (CC)

“What do you want?”

That’s the question God keeps asking me for months. Not necessarily everyday, but periodically.

The first time he asked, I was caught off guard. I wondered if this was a rhetorical question or he wanted to me to proclaim what I want, so he could grant it to me.

I told him, but he didn’t respond.

A week later, same question.

I told him something else.

A month later, same question.

Now, the lightbulb is turned on.

His question is an invitation to his heart more than sitting on Santa’s lap and giving him my Christmas list.

Lately, on certain mornings, I’m waking up wanting to dance with God. Seriously. (The last time I danced with someone, I kept stepping on his toes.) Or suddenly, he interrupts my thoughts, because he wants to dance. So, I don’t usually dance physically (although I’ve done that too), but I envision him gliding me across the ballroom floor.

My rational mind doesn’t understand why God wants to dance, but my spirit does. So, I go with it.

The other night, he wanted to chat. Another invitation. But instead of having a back and forth conversation, he guided the dialogue like we were dancing. He revealed things about my past and how they related to my present. He asked me questions to expose lies and misconceptions, then led me to truth. And revealed just how good he is.

During this process, he asked me, “What do you want?”

But this time, I wasn’t looking to answer, but to wait. Wait on my heart to reveal the answer.

“Intimacy.” Intimacy where I belong and accepted as I am.

So, those other tangible desires I had were to fulfill the longing for intimacy.

For example, it’s probably no surprise that I long for a husband. It’s a healthy desire; however, what I obsessed about wasn’t a particular man, but what I thought he could provide: security, belonging, and intimacy.

My problem? The husband can’t be the prime source for those gifts.

Nor can wealth, accomplishments, ministry. The list goes on and on.

Then I shouted, “God is my prize!” Those other desires are valid, but they can only be sustained in him.

Not that I didn’t know this, but he’s removed layers of misconceptions, lies, and fears where I see him clearer. And myself clearer as well. As the debris clears that’s clouded my eyes, I notice that he’s mine and I’m his. That’s what I really want.

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