Do you Believe You Can Fly?

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Thou shalt not fail.

What if that was the first commandment?

Of course, it’s not; yet, I’ve lived my life as if it were.

I was too afraid to fail and get hurt.

Yet, doesn’t God tell us that perfect love never fails? (1 Corinthians 13:8)

The problem? I was too afraid that I couldn’t surrender to love.

I was in performance mode, thinking that I could control my destiny and relationships.

For the pain of losing something valuable whether in a relationship, in my career, or in ministry was a greater motivator to “perform” than the gain of living in authentic love.

That’s a slow death.

But God.

Have you noticed he’s relentless? 

Through years of avoiding pain and feeling cold, God kept romancing me. He reminded me that he’s never left me but is walking by my side. Even when I felt alone, offended, or unworthy.

Feeling his security, knowing he won’t forsake me no matter how I act or how many times I fail, he’s still with me. His love keeps me going.

After all, God’s fully invested in us through Jesus. Because Jesus walked as you through death then resurrection. (He walked as you all the way to victory.)

So what’s our response? Surrender.

What does that look like? Adventure!

Imagine Jesus lifting your body above his head and gliding you through the room like an airplane? You’re flying as he’s holding you safe. If you fall, you’ll fall right into his arms.

What have you learned from failure? Please share in Comments below. Thank you.


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