Discovering Your Mantle: Walking into Destined, Inherent Worth-Part II

NOTE: Today’s post is Part II of Jennifer Owen’s guest post on Mantles. If you haven’t read Part I, please do so first since she laid much ground work on Mantles last week. Thanks Jennifer for sharing your wisdom with us. (She took this touching image:)

The gifts of God are often the way the Holy Spirit blesses us to experience His love working innately within us. For instance, many times, God provided insight so I could bless someone through giving instruction or explaining what needed to be understood or obeyed on a deeper level. As I co-labor with Him and receive discipleship, I’m surrendering myself as a vessel. By offering my mantle of hope, God works with me to help others flourish as well.

The way I learned about my mantle of decision-making was through prayer— specifically praying to “live and do” what I was called to do. I was moved with compassion for a family member I loved dearly — even feeling like I was suffering with them as they endured hardship. Knowing this family member wasn’t walking in alignment with God (from the fruit they were bearing), I prayed they’d make better decisions that would lead them to find answers.

The Lord provided insight: “Them not making a decision was their decision,” and I could influence this situation though prayer. Their indecision was immensely harming their soul and their purpose. Understanding the power of agreement, I asked God to use me and a few others to help ‘set them free’ and bring them into greater understanding and enlightenment.

The first time I noticed my mantle of decision-making benefited someone, was seeing how detailed and specific my help was given through my spiritual gifts:

1.) Through a word of knowledge: how I spoke to them very indefinitely and with authority.

2.) Through a gift of faith: what I shared about their future with bold encouragement and detail.

3.) Through a word of wisdom: when I shared into their future with encouragement.

4.) Through a gift of teaching: how my words became instruction for them and led eventually to their outcome.

There was release.

Then the Holy Spirit had me pray against obstacles confusing them and binding their thoughts. And He worked through me in prayer warfare to aid ‘the thinker’ to be more confident and forthright in how they should take initiative and move out of bondage.

In my study of mantles, I have found as we lean into purpose, more spiritual growth happens when we use our gifts and purpose with the call of God. Our callings help extend spiritual growth to others. We instill purpose and growth when we minister through our mantles. This happens sometimes without our knowledge. Yet, if we are insightful about what our mantle (or specific purpose) is, and how God uses mantles to give life–and when coupled with our leadership gift– others thrive in purpose. Thus, this gives life and needs are met; others flourish and produce boughs.

Ezekiel 17: 6-8 describes that even when a vine is planted in good soil, it still needs plenty of water to feed and nurture, so it can produce rich leaves and luscious fruit. In this scripture, the planting, rich soil, nurturing, and rootedness all represent the mantle’s work that produces a healthy race of men, descendants, and offspring. This ‘rootedness’ remains when it spreads.

Think of your mantle as a root with a seed starting small, and spreading, flourishing, taking root then leading to nurturing where growth occurs and its fruit remains.

We all have this inherent root within; yet, when we nurture with faith and righteous living, it flourishes and keeps others strong, planted, and rooted as well. The complete irony is, we often run from the mantle because we are afraid of its produce. For instance, I ran from” making decisions” early on in life. I wouldn’t make good ones. As a result, I suffered immense personal shame, lack of productivity, and pain.

I have found we can help influence the will of man by working as a team. Prayer is the vehicle! As we pray, asking God to help inform us, the more He unfolds how our mantles work.

Can you see how self-identification, self-respect, decision-making, security, and self-preservation all can work together to help secure someone’s will and solidify their thinking and actions?

It’s likely you already have a team of leadership like this helping influence your mantle. Together, with good intention, and as a team in the Body of Christ, you bring greater influence and walk in greater purpose. It flourishes in our hearts and in our minds and to those whom we minister. All of the mantles work to help secure, inform, and exhort the mind, will, and emotions (the soul). The more I learn and cultivate knowledge about my spiritual mantle and how it works, the more affirmed I feel in my soul and confident to operate in it daily.

How can you discover your mantle? It’s not easy. It requires sacrifice. Again, Romans 12:1, 2 says as a command:

“Present your body unto God, as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto God which is your reasonable service.”

When you make God’s work, your work, and you attend to becoming a better servant, God reveals much about how you can manifest Him more in the kingdom.

Yet, my primary answer about how to discover your mantle? Pursue God with a vengeance and accountability. 2 Peter 1:10 exhorts us to make our calling and election sure. (I prayed that prayer myself, until I was positive I was walking in purpose.) I knew I was walking in purpose when I had a great ease in my occupations– career and influence upon others– and experienced  amazing favor in relationships.

For example, I was miraculously blessed financially with a trip to South Africa to encourage young and adult leaders in the community as a missionary. And God had earlier confirmed these opportunities through dreams and visions that came to pass through my mantle and my choice to flourish and produce its fruit.

My friend Sarah asked me as I was writing this blog post: “How can knowing your individual mantle help to solidify your unique handprint in the Kingdom?”

Well, here’s what I would say… Once you know you are aware of your spiritual gifts, you can recognize you’re called to help people in a specific manner. Once the pattern is recognized, you can be intentional about being more aware of how it unfolds.

With spiritual guidance in this area, you can allow God to “plant you” as you co-labor with Him to affect His people – whether on the job, in your family and community leadership, in your neighborhood, or in your small circles. The gifts will work in sync with how you operate in the spirit realm and produce a harvest that will touch many lives.

What have you learned about your spiritual mantle? Please share in Comments below. Thank you.

Jennifer Owens, LMSW: a licensed social worker in Oklahoma. She has her own marketplace ministry called OtherSide Enterprises, LLC, for the past 15 years. She’s held retreats and conferences for women, and offered spiritual coaching sessions to help people desiring to strengthen their leadership in Christ. She also helps them become more aware of their spiritual gifts and mantles to give spiritual direction for growth in their personal callings in the Lord. She has been a social worker for 25 years and a therapist for 20 years; and she continues to help guide leaders through spiritual decision-making and being aware of their calling and mantles.

Jennifer has written a Christian book called: Red Sea Situations: Finding Courage in the Deep Seas of Life (Book 1)She has self-care coaching course for leaders and a course to help leaders find true rest that’s called: The Rhythm Conscious Life.  And she also blogs on her website:

 She leads a group called Mentor My Sister, along with a prayer leadership group in the community she mentors called SHINE (Sisters Helping Intercede, Nurture & Excel).

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