Jesus is the Man of Sorrows

I had a recent dream that terrorized me until I woke up. Then I had peace, knowing that it was all symbolic and God was teaching me something. (Thank goodness I’ve taken a few courses on dream interpretation; otherwise, I might have felt confused or fearful.) The dream? I’m running with a small group in

A Life Well Lived: Tribute to Helen Turner

Last week I received news that my friend, Helen Turner, died and now in Heaven. I was stunned. Just two weeks before, she had invited me to spend this upcoming Thanksgiving at her home. She was having a lot of family come and wanted me to meet them. She sounded strong and happy. And Helen

Grace Bond

I consider myself wealthy, not due to a vast bank account, but for my priceless, life long friendships.  These friendships I consider “family”. For in these friendships, they’ve helped me walk in God’s grace as I fulfill the calling on my life: They’ve equipped me with excellent teachings and/or prophesies that targeted the issues I