Break Down Walls to be Vulnerable

NOTE: Happy 4th of July. Freedom is God’s design especially internally where we are free from the bondages of sin and death! I’m still discovering how powerful our freedom is and the priceless cost Jesus paid to redeem us. As we’re continuing this theme of community for over a month, I wanted to explore the

Community: In His Image

NOTE: Today’s guest post is written by Steve Carpenter. I became friends with Steve and his wife, Brenda, through serving in an outreach ministry with Steve’s mother for years. I couldn’t ask anyone more suitable since Steve and his wife have both invested in my life on countless occasions and helped me to see what

It Takes Community For a Marriage to Work

Marriage is the beautiful design of the Almighty, a great and sacred mystery–meant to be a vivid example of Christ and his church. (Ephesians 5:32 TPT) This past weekend, I attended my nephew’s wedding. One of my favorite moments was when the couple exchanged vows. My nephew’s voice cracked and tears shed as he recited

3 Myths About Community

So, why do some people refuse to participate in community? While I don’t have all the reasons, I know some. Because I preferred to keep to myself than get involved. Although some of my reasons seemed valid, most of them hid behind fear or selfishness. But as I’m getting to know who I am, I’m

Be a Team Player

NOTE: I’m excited about this month’s topic: Community. For until I opened my heart to embrace community, I missed out on much growth and adventure. And not only to demonstrate community but to give you an opportunity to hear from others, I’m thrilled about featuring a few guest posts for this month. And if you