Photo Credit: Harvey Ryan Photography

Photo Credit: Harvey Ryan Photography


From interactions with friends and family, I wanted to provide a safe community that offered topics about walking in His grace daily.  The topic of grace is extensive and provokes a variety of responses.  Here is my response:

Grace is:

  • the power to fellowship with Him
  • the power to do His will
  • the power to walk in dominion over the flesh
  • the power to know truth and learn from the Holy Spirit

Grace is not:

  • a license to sin
  • a license to do your own will.
  • a license to believe whatever doctrine you wish.

For a thorough definition, you can click here.   I am not sure who authored this definition, but it’s excellent.

Regarding this community, we need you.  You are unique and irreplaceable, so we can benefit from hearing you.  Please share your feedback, questions, stories after posts in the comments area.


I write about God’s grace because my life depends on his grace. When I was five, my sister and I were adopted. We left an orphanage in South Korea to live on a farm in Michigan. Our family shared about God and his grace. Growing up, I understood God’s grace for salvation–I didn’t do anything to earn a passage into my adopted family, yet I was given full rights and privileges as their daughter.

I attended Oral Roberts University (ORU), majoring in business with aspirations of being a corporate attorney in Michigan, but God had a different plan. I discovered a skill for writing my junior year at ORU, but considered this new interest a novelty, not a career. I got hired at a software company after I graduated. Yet, the desire to write grew, so I took a creative writing course online at a local college and found my passion. I quit my job to pursue writing and ministry. I assisted the outreach pastor at my church, living in the ministry house. I enrolled in english courses at the local college, and wrote the rough draft for a young adult novel. Editing the novel took much longer, especially as the ministry grew and help declined. Within a few years, my unpublished novel collected dust on my computer.

Little did I know that I was living life instead of writing about it. Sound poetic? How about walking a drug addict through withdrawal? Midnight calls for deliverance? Being conned out of money? Not so beautiful.

The ministry went from reaching out to the homeless downtown, to the gang-infested neighborhood around us, to male inmates at a local facility. God’s grace took a sheltered, naïve woman raised in a quaint, small town to a world of abuse, addiction, poverty, and pain that surrounded me.

Fifteen years later, I left the ministry to pursue my gift. Writing. I resurrected my novel and launched this blog.  Looking back, I realized that God’s grace was the constant as my life took detours and U-turns. Having different occupations, I am not a writer, nor a software consultant, nor a ministry assistant, but His friend.




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