A Life Well Lived: Tribute to Helen Turner

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Last week I received news that my friend, Helen Turner, died and now in Heaven. I was stunned. Just two weeks before, she had invited me to spend this upcoming Thanksgiving at her home. She was having a lot of family come and wanted me to meet them. She sounded strong and happy.

And Helen was a friend to this community — for she had guest posted twice. Here are the two posts:

Think Out of the Box: a Q & A about managing expectations. She wanted four children, but after having one, she went years not able to get pregnant. She shares how she managed her expectation for more children and the miracle she had in her late thirties.

Sudden Conversion: She shares her salvation story where she sensed God’s presence in the yard. She didn’t say a prayer, but answered God’s prompting to join the family. Her life was forever changed!

So, I wanted to share a tribute to her life and our friendship.

About a month before she passed, she had told me that friendships can be for a lifetime and others are for a season. And she should know because she had many lifelong friends.

We were friends for a season. We knew each other for five years, having met at church. That morning between the two services, I decided instead of sitting in my seat while I waited, I’d introduce myself to someone I didn’t know. So, I walked up to her, introduced myself, and shook her hand. We hit it off and within a few months, we started doing things together.

But that was Helen — outgoing, fun, and childlike.

And she was very sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Throughout our friendship, she spoke into my life in due season.

A few months ago, when I was struggling with an issue, she called me. She felt the Holy Spirit prompt her to call. She just listened as I poured out my heart. Then once I was done sharing, she validated what I felt and didn’t try to dismiss my struggle. God knew that I needed someone to listen and express empathy at that moment.

That was Helen. She valued friendships and demonstrated it everyday. Through the five years I’ve known her, I witnessed how much she invested in her relationships:

  • She maintained lifelong friendships with close friends. She would talk to people she had known for over fifty years, some even longer. That’s incredible. Her daughter informed me that people from Virginia (where she was from) and other states are flying in for the funeral tomorrow.
  • She valued her family. She was very close to her two daughters, three grandkids, and other members from nieces, nephews, and cousins. She’d share how they were doing and kept in close contact.
  • She had an unique relationship with the Lord. Just like each child in the family has an unique relationship with the parents, God has an unique relationship with each of us. For her, she expressed her love by singing and praising God especially at night. She loved to thank him for all he had done, and prayed for her loved ones all the time. She’d call me when God showed her something new, excited to learn about God’s love and his nature. She enjoyed reading the Word and receiving truths from the Holy Spirit on a consistent basis.

Thank you God for Helen. And thanks Helen for befriending me that day at church! Through you, I’m reminded how important investing in relationships is!

And it’s not good-bye, but see you later!

What has someone you loved who’s passed taught you? Please share in Comments below. Thank you!


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