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What if you kept your spouse from the bedroom? Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? (I’m not talking about when you’re having a contentious fight, but in general.)

Yet, have you kept God from the most intimate places of your heart?


I don’t know all the reasons, but one is because of misaligned perception of ourselves. We don’t value who we are or we don’t trust ourselves. So, we shut people out especially him–perhaps not intentionally, but as a safety mechanism.

I’m not a psychiatrist, but I wonder if our brain cauterizes areas of pain. We experience something traumatic, so as protection, we shut ourselves from entering that memory. If someone tries to enter that space, we cut them off.

But what if that area was cauterized only as a temporary fix until we were healthy enough to heal? Hum…

If you break your leg, you might get surgery. Afterwards, you wear a cast to protect the leg as it heals. The doctor doesn’t want you bearing weight on it because the bone is too tender.

What if when the leg is strong enough to rehab, you don’t remove the cast? And you don’t put weight on it? The muscles will atrophy, causing major issues. Exercising and putting weight on the leg is necessary for healing, even if it’s painful.

Question is: How do we rehab? (This is revelation word from Him)

Allow Me to come in like a dove, gently piecing together the memories and trauma where you see My resurrection hand in that space instead. I don’t enter until you and I are ready. Like any excellent surgeon, they wait for the prep team to get the operating table ready for surgery. When that trauma happens, I go to work on your behalf, cauterizing the wound so you can eventually heal and move on.

But at times, I have to wait. Wait for my children to let me back into that space to operate. Work my healing power. I do as much as I can in preparation, but if you don’t come into agreement to not hide, but allow the surgical light to illuminate the trauma and bring healing, I’m sidelined to heal that wound.

Don’t rely on your own ability to heal because that only ends up in more pain — humanism is the fruit. You aren’t properly equipped without me handling the tools to bring upon healing.

When you open that door of your heart, I can usher in my light. It’s truth and its power. Power to strengthen you, numb the pain as I heal that wound, and cauterize other areas still affected but laid aside for another day.

I won’t hurt you because if I did, I’m hurting a part of Me. You and I are one. That’s why I’m safe because you are as much a part of Me as Jesus and the Holy Spirit are a part of Me. See, I can’t hurt you ever, because I inflicted all the pain, betrayal and rejection upon My Son, so you, as My beloved, can always trust Me.

Walk in the fullness of my light and allow Me to have access to the deepest secrets and what seems like impenetrable lies. You are not always what you feel, but a reflection of who I am. I need you as much as you need Me.

What have you learned when enduring God’s healing in your life? Please share in Comments below. Thank you.


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